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To keep you up to date with the latest changes in Albanian legislation, this mini-tax alert prepared by “ARS Legal & Financial Services” Ltd provides you with valuable information on the latest publications of the Albanian legislation.

In the Official Gazette no. 178, dated. 09.10.2020, was published the Normative Act no. 31, dated 10.07.2020 “For the remission of administrative measures, with punitive character, set during the period of infection caused by Covid-19 and affected families by natural disasters”, which has entered into force immediately upon publication at the Official Publishing Center .

This normative act provides:


Refunds to the bank account of the beneficiary entity or state institution, for all those who do not own a bank account, will be made within November 15, 2020.

All permits / licenses and blocked vehicles must be returned within November 15, 2020 to the beneficiary entity.

Determination of the manner, detailed rules for the implementation of remissions, refunds of paid amounts and permits / licenses / vehicles will be in charge of state institutions and local self-government units.