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The Office provides consultancy in all areas of law in accordance with clients’ needs.


Drafting documentation

The Office assists individuals, private or public entities in the drafting of documentation including but not limited to claims, contracts, agreements, lawsuits, appeals and any other legal act in accordance with their needs.


Residence / Work Permits/ Albanian Citizenship for Foreigners in Albania

The office provides assistance in obtaining work permits of all types, whether employed or self- employed, as well as residence permits for EU nationals and non-nationals of the EU Member States through the preparation, collection of documentation and application for the first time or renewal at the responsible institutions.


Commercial law and business

A.R.S assists clients in the registration and establishment of natural persons, legal entities recognized and permitted by Albanian legislation, opening of branches, representative offices, associations, foundations and centers, the pursuit of business licensing procedures depending on the activity they perform, trademark registration, patent, etc. The office offers legal and financial assistance in various procurement procedures, such as: provide preparation of Tender Documents, submission of bids, pursue the appeal procedure, etc. It also undertakes to follow the liquidation / bankruptcy procedure for companies in all their stages by following and strictly adhering the legal provisions.


Representation in all three instances of the Judicial System

Thanks to the professional attorneys of the ARS team, it provides representation in all three levels of the Judicial System, respectively First Instance, Appeal, Supreme Court, in civil matters including family, labor, property, commercial law etc., Criminal and Administrative matters.


Debt Collection

The office assists any creditor interested in collecting debts from their debtors through litigation and extra judiciary procedures through the voluntary compliance notice and the issuance of an Execution Order.


Expulse Verification & Removal

All Albanian nationals who have a background in one of the Schengen zone countries and have been removed as a result of deportation can be assisted by the ARS to obtain information on the existence and realisation of the request for forced out deletion from the SIS system.