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Traffic Code 2023

AMENDMENTS ON TRAFFIC CODE The Parliament of the Republic of Albania has adopted the law no. 21/2023, On some amendments and additions to law no. 8378, dated 22.7.1998, “ Traffic Code of the Republic of Albania”, as amended. This law has yet not been published in the Official Gazette. The main changes and novelties of […]

UNIQUE PERMITS FOR FOREIGNERS The law no. 79/2022, “On foreigners” introduced for the first time in Albania the unique permits, which allow foreigners to legally stay in the Albanian territory for employment purposes. The unique permits are classified into unique residence permits for employment purposes:• as employee – it is granted in accordance with the […]

Personal data protection officer With the entrance into force of the draft law “On personal data protection” (2022), controllers and processors shall be legally obliged to appoint a personal data protection officer (“Officer”), if:- the processing is carried out by a public authority or entity, with the exception of courts within the framework of judicial […]

Draft Law on VAT, Excise Duties & National Taxes During October 2023, the draft laws “For some additions and amendments to law no. 92/2014, “On value added tax in the Republic of Albania”, as amended; the draft law “For some amendments to law no. 61/2012, “On excise duties in the Republic of Albania”, as amended; […]

INCOME TAX 2024 LAW NO. 29/2023, “FOR INCOME TAX” Law No. 29/2023 “On Income Tax”, as amended, aims to establish rules regarding the assessment, declaration, and collection of personal income tax for individuals, corporate income tax, as well as the tax withheld at the source of income from inheritance, donations, and winnings from games of […]

DRAFT LAW “ON TOURISM” The Council of Ministers has submitted to the Assembly of Albania the draft law “On some additions and amendments to Law No. 93/2015, ‘On Tourism’, as amended” (Draft Law). The proposed amendments aim to adapt the legislation to the issues identified in practice, as well as to the need for continuously […]