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Preparing and submitting monthly and annual statements according to each entity’s tax responsibilities.

Monthly declaration of purchase, sale and VAT return books

Monthly Statement of Employees’ Social and Health Insurance Payroll

Monthly withholding tax

Annual income tax return

Annual simplified income tax return

Compilation and preparation of financial statements in accordance with National Financial Reporting Standards.

Statement of financial position

Statement of income and expenses

Statement of Cash Flow Statement of changes in equity Explanatory Notes


In various institutions such as; Regional Tax Directorate, General Directorate of Local Taxes and Tariffs, NBC, Tax Audits etc.

Business Plans

Preparing business plans for grant applications and donations from organizations such as IPARD, ARDA etc…


Plane biznesi

Përgatitje planesh biznesi për aplikime për grante dhe donacione nga organizata si IPARD, AZHBR etj…


Financial consulting

Our office provides consultancy in accordance with fiscal legal framework as per clients’ needs.

Orientation of Albanian / Foreign clients regarding the fulfillment of the criteria for opening business accounts.

Application for registration of the Beneficiary Owners.

Assistance in the fiscalization process.

Assistance in using the portal e-Albania.

Assistance in the use of various financial programs.