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In the Official Gazzete No.190, dated 02.11.2020, is published:

Joint Instruction no.4620, dated 14.10.2020, “On the manner of execution of the administrative contravention for not using the protective barrier (mask), through the electricity distribution operator (OSHEE)”.

This instruction notices the way how the penalty will be paid, for which find the necessary information as follow:

The responsible institutions for imposition of penalties for individuals that do not use protective barriers (mask) are State Police and Municipal Police. For each of individuals prohibited from the authorities, is held a report which contain the basic data regarding the name, surname, fathers name, no. of ID, and residential address.

The penalty will be attached to the electricity bill of the respective month.

The penalty is considered as an executive title, and cannot be paid in part or separately from the electricity bill. Overdue payment will be accompanied by relevant interest in accordance with the electricity contract. Non-payment of the penalty as an integral part of the invoice will classify the individual as a debtor of FSHU and the respective contract of electricity will be interrupted.

Payments can be made at all relevant offices designated by FSHU, at the Albanian Post office and at any financial institution where the electricity bills can be paid.