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The draft law “On some additions and changes to the law no. 25/2022, “On the support and development of startups”” has been submitted at the Assembly of the Republic of Albania. Referring to the proposed amendments, the draft law aims at changing the mechanism of providing support measures for initiatives in the local ecosystem of startups, facilitating and simplifying the procedures, as well as the creation and development of startups and activities for mobile digital workers in Albania, proposing a stimulus package to them.

More precisely, the amendments pertaining to the activity of the digital mobile digital workers provide for:

• reformulation of the purpose and object of the law, by including and regulating the activity of the

mobile digital worker;

• reformulation of the “digital mobile workers” definition;

• incentivizing measures for the activity of the digital mobile worker in the territory of the Republic of Albania:

Regarding the scheme for providing incentivizing measures to initiatives in the startup ecosystem, the amendments consist of:

Additionally, referring to the proposed amendments STARTUP ALBANIA:

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