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In The official Gazette NO. 190, dated 02.11.2020, is published Decision NO. 836, dated 28.10.2020 “For Determining the Criteria of Documentation and Procedure for Equipment, Renewal, Cancellation and Refusal of Work Permit for Contracting Services type “C/CS”, and Institution Fee to issue this working permit.

This work permit refers to Foreign nationals who come to the Republic of Albania and perform Contracting Services.

The foreigner is provided with a work permit type “C / CS” for a period  not exceeding 90 (ninety) days within a calendar year, if he meets certain criteria such as:

Performing the activity or providing services based on a contract;
Must be engaged in providing a service on a temporary basis in the Republic of Albania;
Must have at least two years of experience in the specific field, object of the service contract;
Has a regular employment contract for contracting services with the employer etc.

The foreigner reserves the right to renew the work permit, if he meets the following criteria:

When the contract is concluded for more than one year, the permit is renewed on a one-year basis;
When there is a regular employment contract not more than 90 days for the following year;
When he has not committed a violation of labor legislation in the previous year, etc.

The application is realized by the subject or its representative, through  e-Albania portal and then by submitting the relevant documentation to the National Employment and Skills Agency (KPA). To renew the work permit, the application must be submitted within 30 days before the expiration of the previous permit.

The costs for the application for the first time with a work permit type “C / CS”, is 4000 ALL, while for the renewal of the permit is 2000 ALL.

If the foreigner’s permit is denied he has the right to appeal.