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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has submitted for public consultation the draft law “On some additions and amendments to the law no. 113/2020, “On citizenship””. The public consultation is open until 28.04.2023

The amendments follow the ratification of the European Convention “On citizenship”, as well as a response to the issued identified in practice during the implementation of the law no. 113/2020, “On citizenship”.

With reference to the draft law, it is proposed to add the obtaining of Albanian citizenship by a child born in Albanian territory from foreign parents, who legally reside in Albania, provided that both parents give their consent.

Additionally, the draft law proposes the exclusion of the criteria pertaining to having knowledge of Albanian language and history, in cases where the obtaining of Albanian citizenship by naturalization is required by a foreigner whose minor child has Albanian citizenship.

The last proposal consists on an amendment with regard to special occasions of obtaining Albanian citizenship. According to the proposed amendments, in cases where Albania has a national interest or an interest in the field of education, science, art, culture, economy and sport, the citizenship can be obtained by any foreign citizen, regardless of age (the current law requires that the foreigner must have reached the age of 18). For foreigners under the age of 18, the draft law proposes that the acquisition of Albanian citizenship can only be obtained if the parents or legal guardian give their consent.

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