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A.R.S Legal & Financial Services is a consolidated office in the Albanian market that offers legal and financial expertise in various fields, with a staff composed of lawyers and accounting experts who have completed studies with excellent results in Albania. After the situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Albania, how do you think the market that A.R.S Legal & Financial Services covers will fluctuate?

Let me tell you that the situation created by the COVID-19 Pandemic has not been easy at all, not only from a human point of view, but also from the enterprise I lead.
ARS Legal & Financial Services is an Office that has local and international clients, therefore we have many requests from foreign citizens for consultancy regarding investment methods in Albania and assistance in their procedures here, both legally and financially.
Commencing from March 2020, when the first cases of COVID-19 were identified and the country’s quarantine phase began, we faced the uncertainty of foreign citizens to invest in the Republic of Albania, as the situation was global and it was unknown when the end of all this ordeal would be.
All this insecurity has caused decrease on our workflow with these clients, and all procedures to be postponed for a second moment, after the end of the pandemic.
Uncertainty is also reflected in the domestic market. In legal terms, as the prescription deadlines for lawsuits were suspended, clients postponed their proceedings for a second moment, while consultancy was reduced to their immediate actions. But even in terms of financial department, we have not had new clients during this period, on the contrary we have noticed a lack of liquidity of some of the existing clients due to suspensions of their activities.
I think that after the opening of the economy of the countries and the operation in full capacity of the public institutions, the situation will be somewhat normalized and the people / businesses will need the services we offer. Also, the procedures that have been under agreement I believe will be successfully concluded.

In times of crisis, staff management is very important. What are your ways to better lead your team during this difficult period?

As I quoted above, this pandemic had a great impact not only on the economy, but also on human psychology and the way we perceive everything around us.
During this period, dictated by the position I have in ARS Legal & Financial Services as Founder / CEO I had to be closer than ever to the staff that I lead, certainly at a distance, to coordinate the progress of the Office and fulfilling the needs of our clients, but also respecting the health of each of them.
In my ideology as a leader, the staff is a cornerstone of an enterprise, and consequently the more you care for it, the more efficient are the services you receive from them.

We agreed that the work should be done remotely during this period, always being professional, but at the same time safe.
A message for CCI France-Albanie members?

First of all, I wish everyone to be good together with their loved ones, as this situation made us understand more than ever the importance of health and the people around us, as well as respecting the rules dictated.
I also wish that this situation passes as soon as possible for all of us, and that the economic recovery to be as fast and easy as possible.
Take care and respect the security Protocols approved by the Government, save yourself and the human capital of your entities!
For all those members who need consultancy regarding Security Protocols and all legal acts issued in the framework of pandemic, A.R.S Legal & Financial Services can assist them for free. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.