• open hours: mon-fri 9.00am-5.00pm
  • Rruga e Kavajes, Sun Tower, Kati i 6, Apt. 31, Tirana
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Something About Us

ARS Financial & Legal Services is a law and financial office located in Tirana, Albania. We aim to help our customers in the most eficient way possible

ARS was established in January 2014, with the aspiration to become a leader in the Albanian market, and not only. Initially, it was designed as a legal office, but to respond to clients requirements and needs, in January 2015, one year after its establishment, it would expand its activity by creating also the financial department. It was precisely this union of ideas and profiles, which within a short time, made the ARS to be differentiated from the similar offices. Thanks to the quality of services and honesty in prices, today we enjoy the confidence of a large number of clients, mostly foreign companies. Confidence of our clients is a bigger motive to provide a qualitative service while being responsive, that our work is an added value in their progress and performance. Our philosophy is "Satisfied Employees, Satisfied Clients". Our value is qualitative staff, who grows professionally, motivated to propose ideas and designe changes, bringing visible and satisfying results.

  • Advisory

    A.R.S Legal & Financial Services is advisory of small businesses of European Bank for Development and Reconstruction.

  • CCIFA Member

    A.R.S Legal & Financial Services is member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Albania.

  • DIHA Member

    A.R.S Legal & Financial Services is member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Germany-Albania.

Our Practice Areas

Below you can find our practice areas.


Our team consists of qualified financial and legal experts.

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Rina (Pero) Saliaj

Founder/Executive Director
pic team4

Elisabeta Nezaj

pic team3

Shejla Bendaj

Senior Accountant
pic team3

Katerina Kurila

Senior Accountant
pic team2

Arjan Zeneli

External Financial Expert
pic team3

Denis Laska

Junior Accountant
pic team3

Iris Çiço

Project Coordinator
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Albano Pero


Contact Information

  • Tel: +355 (0) 692476387
  • Email: info@arsfirm.al


  • Rruga e Kavajes, Qendra "Sun Tower"
  • Kati i 6, Apt. 31
  • Tirana, Albania


  • Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00